Tiny Tove blowjob

Why European Pornstars? Because I like European porn is hella sexy! It begins in 1999 when I discovered the internet.
What is a newbie to the net searching for? Free porn of course. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one. Back then there was not many resources containing free quality porn. The pictures were small and lacked quality. In my searches I found scans from a European porn magazine called Color Climax or Admiral Krag scans for whose of you who remember, and for the a first time I saw pornstars like Tiny Tove, Angelica Bella, Rosa Caracciolo, and the ultra sexy Anna Marek, which I know from the German porn movie - Slave to passion.
I become interested in these Beautiful Pornstars and started to collect more information. First I used a notepad but later I decided to create this website. At the beginning this website only contained the models from Private and Color Climax, because they were the best producers of porn in all of Europe. I find that European Girls have a distinct quality that make them my favorite. Pornstars like Nanna Gibson, Deborah Wells and Silvia Saint are classics. Modern starlets like Blackberry Brittany and Magdalena Witch are currently the best of the best.

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